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How To Grow Your Advisory Practice

DSP BlackRock recently released an eBook for their mutual fund advisors. The eBook was written by the team of Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desi of JagoAdvisor and JagoInvestor fame.  It’s a great guide for independent financial advisors (IFA’s) to reference and see how they can grow their practice.
The eBook is broken into 10 sections and really gives you some great tips and pointers about the IFA business. There is no doubt that only Manish and Nandish could have written such a fantastic eBook and that too for FREE!
If you ever get a chance to meet Manish and Nandish then you will know why they wrote the eBook…they truly love this field and are passionate about people getting the right information.
Their JagoInvestor website is one of the most visited websites for personal finance matters. Just take a look at any one of their articles and you will most likely see 100’s of comments.
In their eBook they mentioned MProfit Advisor and their comment was:

“…value for money where for a small price, you can manage huge number of clients…”

To get a copy of their eBook click on this link. To try MProfit Advisor click on this link.

28 February, 2013