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MProfit Accounting Module has Arrived with v9.3

With the release of version 9.3, MProfit has introduced an accounting module which provides seamless integration with the portfolio management section (PMS). The Journal vouchers, payment and receipt voucher entries are auto-generated from stocks, mutual funds and F&O transactions and posted in their respective ledger accounts.
Previously, customers would maintain transactions in MProfit and also maintain transactions in a separate accounting software, now with MProfit v9.3 it’s now simplified into a single software package.
Several examples of auto-generation of accounting entries from PMS transactions are:
– JVs from brokers contract notes where entries are posted in respective ledgers such as broker’s ledger and capital gains
– JVs from F&O contract notes where entries posted in F&O Profit/Loss and broker’s ledger
– Payment and Receipt entries from mutual fund transactions including daily, weekly and monthly dividends
– Insurance premium entries
– All other fixed income entries
Other Accounting Features:
– Maintain your bank and cash accounts
– Assignment of particular assets to a specific bank so that income entries are auto posted to the bank ledger
– Mutual fund switch-in and switch-out support in accounts so that JVs are auto created based on the transactions
– Group ledger view
– Creation of favourites for ledgers like banks and brokers for easy access
Download the latest version and see how easy it is to use. Download Now!

11 October, 2013