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New update for 2014 – Happy New Years to you!

Lately we have been flooded with new feature requests. As many of you know we listen to all requests and then the team decides when and if the feature is implemented into MProfit.
One of the most requested features over the past year has been the ability to import many contract notes at once. So instead of selecting one file at a time, you can now select as many files as you want and start importing the data into MProfit.
Other features that have been added to the import engine:
– Import of various sub-brokers’ trade-books with charges (this occurs when you have multiple contract notes in a single file)
– Support for new PDF contract notes
Our import engine now provides support for over 520 data formats, which is the most offered by anyone in India.
We also fixed several bugs with this latest release:
– Miscellaneous gain in bonds if multiple bonds sold on the same date
– Closing balance report with part-payment in stocks
– XIRR report with part-payment in stocks
You can download the new version or update your current version (go to Help – > Check for Updates) and follow the instructions.

8 January, 2014