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March Newsletter: Financial Year End

Financial Year End
Since it’s March, we are at the end of the current financial year. It is time to calculate your capital gains as well F&O trading profit/loss. With MProfit, it’s very easy to import the contract notes and quickly calculate your intra-day, short-term and long-term capital gains as well as F&O profit/loss. In fact, we have many chartered accountants who use MProfit to calculate the capital gains for their clients.In addition, with our accounting module you can prepare your balance sheet and trial balance reports as well.
More Import options…
In last months newsletter we mentioned we had over 500 data sources for importing data, well that number has now grown to over 550 data sources. Once we launch the bank import feature in the next few months that number will quickly grow to over 600 data sources.
Free version of MProfit Investor
Some of you may not know but we recently released a free version of MProfit Investor as long as your total invested amount is under Rs. 50 lakhs you can use all the features. It’s a great way for people to start tracking their investments in a safe and secure manner. You can download it by visiting
Outlook Money Partnership
We recently partnered with Outlook Money, the largest personal finance magazine by circulation, to provide a free copy of MProfit Pro in each issue to one person who is selected as the “Best Letter to the Editor.” If you have a comment or question for Outlook Money you can email them at
Personal Finance Articles/Websites
Below are several personal finance articles we found useful in the past month:

  1. How You Should Invest Money After Marriage – via MoneyBol blog
  2. Previous Years’ Tax Returns – How to check if you’ve e-Filed – via clearTax blog
  3. What exactly is Financial Planning – via JagoInvestor Blog
19 March, 2014