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Beta launch of the MProfit Android app

Yes, it’s finally here the much awaited MProfit Android app. Our most requested feature over the past 12 months has been for mobile apps – Google Android and Apple iOS.  We decided to launch our beta Android app first and then focus on the iOS version in the future.
For the Android app the team was solely focused on making sure your financial data appears in an easy to use app. It’s a slim down version of MProfit and not as feature rich as desktop MProfit application but over the next few months we will gather the comments, criticism, feedback and feature requests to make the next version of the app even better.
So who can use it?
1. If your financial advisor is already sending you MProfit data then you can enter the same login details (Advisor Code, Username and Password) to access your data on the app. If your broker sends you a new username and password then the easiest way is to first download the app to your phone and then click on the link in the email that was sent to you.
2. If you have purchased MProfit Pro or Advisor then you can send the data to yourself and then enter in the login details in the app to see your financial details.
Visit our Android app FAQ to learn more.


27 November, 2014