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Yet Another Update to v9.4

Today, we released an update to v9.4 of MProfit although the version number has stayed the same many new features were added to v9.4 (1013.01):
– Android App (Beta) – You can receive the data from your advisor or you can view the same data on your phone. More information via the blog post.
Improvement in Annualised Return (XIRR) reports. Option to see the XIRR reports and Net XIRR for only active assets. Also, Computation of Net XIRR now includes charges in contract notes.
Transfer of assets to other portfolios or others (for Gift or Inheritance purpose). This feature was requested to take care of transfer of stocks, MFs from one portfolio to another portfolio. This is also very useful for those who maintain demat-wise portfolios. You can now transfer stocks from one portfolio (demat1) to another portfolio (demat2).
Trading Portfolio – This feature is useful whose investment income is treated as trading income. Option is provided to mark any portfolio in PMS as a trading portfolio. All capital gains for this portfolio will be treated as trading income in accounts and added in ledger called ‘Intra-day/Trading Profit/Loss’ (Click on Edit Master and select portfolio to edit, then select the option as ‘Trading Portfolio’)

5 February, 2015