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MProfit supports import of CAMS consolidated account statement for all mutual fund schemes

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) and Karvy are two leading Registrars who provide services to investors on behalf of mutual fund houses. Many mutual fund investors are not aware that CAMS provide consolidated account statement (CAS) for their entire family’s mutual fund transactions across all schemes including the ones managed by CAMS, Karvy and Franklin Templeton.
One statement contains the mutual fund transactions for entire family across all the mutual fund schemes. Investor needs to link the same email address to their all family folio numbers with CAMS, Karvy and Franklin, if not done while investing for the first time. The CAS statement can be requested for any period of all your mutual funds, including holding of many years.
MProfit has made it extremely easy to upload all mutual fund transactions for entire family from this statement. All kind of transactions, such as subscription, redemption, SIP, STP, Switch-In/Out, SWP, Dividend Reinvestment, Dividend Pay-out are imported from this statement in MProfit. Investors can review various reports related to mutual funds in MProfit such as capital gains (with & without indexation), annualised returns (XIRR), asset allocation and many other reports.
Click here for the detailed information to learn how to request CAS file and how to import it in MProfit.

19 January, 2018