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A resolution to receive a handsome financial reward

Happy New Year to everyone! Why not make a New Year’s resolution that will give you a handsome financial reward and is easy to achieve? Start using MProfit and effortlessly take care of portfolio management for your entire family or all your clients.
MProfit’s comprehensive list of features as well as its best-in-class support have made it the preferred choice of the entire investing community, including 1000s of investors, financial advisors, family offices and chartered accountants. It is consistently rated as one of the best software solutions on SoftwareSuggest, India’s popular software listing web portal.
MProfit is an easy to use software solution to manage Stocks, Mutual funds, Bonds, F&O, and all other assets. MProfit now supports import of more than 2,700+ different formats such as digital contract notes, mutual fund & bank statements.
2017 has certainly shown that dynamic changes at both a global and local level are frequent yet unexpected. As financial markets are influenced by all forms of macro & micro events, investors should be prepared for any heightened volatility in 2018 by actively monitoring their investments and taking prudent decisions based on changing circumstances.
MProfit is specifically geared towards helping investors/financial advisors achieve these goals with ease and efficiency by reducing their administrative manual work and providing useful reports including capital gains reports. Investors/financial advisors using MProfit can certainly spend more time on research related to their investments and make better investment decisions.
So, make the resolution to be smarter & more disciplined with your investments in 2018! Click here to download MProfit Investor for free today!

2 January, 2018