Getting Your Mutual Fund Information

Many mutual fund investors face a common problem which is getting a summary of all their mutual fund investments.  Since each mutual fund house will send their own report it is up to the investor to summarize the data. Luckily, the two major mutual fund registrars – CAMS and Karvy provide a facility to allow […]

4 October, 2010
MProfit v5.1 update available

Today we are releasing v5.1 of MProfit.  Since the release of our import feature in v5.0 we have received many requests to add more brokers and online portals.  We realized we needed to make the import window much easier to use so we streamlined the import window to handle the growing list of import options […]

22 September, 2010
MProfit v5.0 update available

We are pleased to announce our most exciting release of MProfit yet…v5.0. Customers have been telling us they wanted a way to import their financial data and with v5.0 you can now import your data. We provide 4 ways to import your data: 1. Brokerage digital contract notes. We currently support Anagram Securities, IL&FS, Kotak, […]

13 August, 2010
Moneylife features MProfit

Moneylife Magazine recently did a feature story on the various tools available to manage your money. Moneylife is a leading personal finance magazine that was started by Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal, they provide excellent common sense advice about money. Sucheta Dalal is an award-winning business journalist and author of several books including “The Scam: […]

3 August, 2010
MProfit Basics – Create Portfolios

At MProfit, we get many queries from customers on the best way to financially plan for the future. Due to the frequent queries, we are starting a new blog and YouTube series called MProfit Basics. MProfit allows you to organize, manage and track all your investments, making it easier to plan for the future. In […]

19 May, 2010
Overview of Reports

We have updated our Reporting Overview video to reflect the new reports and the changes to some existing reports. MProfit has 5 main categories for reports: Analytical, Transaction, Capital Gains, Accounts and Miscellaneous. We could tell you more, but it’s probably better if you just watch the YouTube clip below:

13 May, 2010
MProfit v4.2 update available

As part of our continuous effort to improve MProfit we have added several new reports and improved the layout of several existing reports. With our reports, you get a snapshot of your overall asset allocation and can analyze if you are over invested in a specific asset class, stock or mutual fund and then decide […]

29 April, 2010
Capital Gains Reports

As the financial year is ending, MProfit can make your life a bit easier when you file your taxes this year. We have created a brief video to show some of the reports that will be most useful when filing your taxes with the Income Tax Department.

8 March, 2010
Reporting Capabilities

One the biggest benefits of using MProfit is our reporting capabilities. You may find other services available on the internet but most cannot compete with it comes to reporting. We provide over 45 types of reports and are adding new ones based on customer feedback. We have 5 main categories for reports: Analytical, Transaction, Capital Gains, Accounts and Miscellaneous. We […]

24 February, 2010
MProfit version 4.1 released

As part of our continuous effort to improve MProfit we have added several new features based on customer feedback to MProfit v4.1. The two big features that were most requested have been added, a tax calculator and an automated backup feature. The feature list is below: Tax calculator Weekly/Monthly backup Improved help file Improved report […]

16 February, 2010