Capital Gain Calculations for Mutual Funds

MProfit generates separate capital gains reports for Equity MFs and Debt MFs because taxation rules vary for each type. You can also generate two separate reports with indexation and without indexation for Debt MFs (Liquid funds, Income funds, FMPs and Gold ETFs). We give a quick overview of how MProfit handles these calculations and how […]

25 January, 2017
Capital Gain Calculations for Stocks

MProfit automatically creates capital gains reports after users import digital contract notes of stocks or manually enter buy/sell transactions. These include Intra-day Profit/Loss, Short Term Capital Gains and Long Term Capital Gains reports. Advanced reports showing unrealised capital gains as well as the holding periods for stocks are also available in MProfit and they help […]

16 January, 2017
New Online Help Desk

At MProfit, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our support for customers.  The latest feature we have added is an online help desk (forums) which will allow you to search for any issues or problems you may be experiencing.  Of course, you can always email us at as well. Our new online […]

7 December, 2016
New v9.5 released

Last week we released v9.5 of MProfit which packs many new features and fixed several older issues. Below is a complete list of all the new features, reports and enhancements. New Features – Create Mark to Market profit/loss in F&O which can be reconciled with broker’s ledger [Click to learn more] – Settlement of all […]

23 September, 2016
Manage Your Commodity & Currency Trading with MProfit Pro

MProfit Pro makes it extremely easy to manage all your commodities and currency trades. You can import all commodities and currency digital contract notes or back-office files received from your brokers. MProfit gives you profit/loss statement as well as auto-generate accounting JVs and ledgers in integrated accounting module in MProfit. Below is the list of […]

22 June, 2016
New update for MProfit

Today, we released an update to v9.4 of MProfit. The version is still 9.4 but the build number is 1013.042: New Features and Reports Family-wise global transaction report Option to print or save capital gain calculations of all families under one report New closing balance detailed report with ISIN number for better analysis using Excel […]

3 May, 2016
10 Lucky Winners from the Finbridge Expo

This past weekend (Feb 6-7) MProfit was an exhibitor at the Finbridge Expo in Navi Mumbai. Finbridge is a financial services and technologies expo, this was the 2nd year that the event was held. The expo was a great way for existing customer of MProfit to meet the team. In addition, it was a way for […]

9 February, 2016
Latest Update Tracks Bond Prices

Last week we released the latest update to v9.4 (1013.0366) and we have added many new features. One of the biggest features is the ability to track bond prices. Tax free bonds have emerged as highly popular investment option among investors due to the taxation benefit that they offer and better yields since last couple […]

7 January, 2016
Parents Health Insurance Buying Guide

From time to time at MProfit we come across some really guide articles that we feel will benefit our users. Below is an article from Mahavir Chopra of Coverfox talking about buying health insurance for parents. The eBook they provide is very useful and highly informative. – – – Culturally, India is a very unique […]

22 August, 2015
Update to v9.4 released

Today, we released an update to v9.4 of MProfit although the version number has stayed the same many new features were added to v9.4 (1013.0217): New Features: – Support for moving account from one family to another – Automatic changing the location of brokers ledgers from Sundry Creditors to Sundry Debtors as per the closing […]

24 July, 2015