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MProfit Product Update: New Analytics Dashboards Launched!

At MProfit, we’re excited to announce a major product update, designed to make your portfolio tracking more insightful than ever! We have just launched new Analytics Dashboards that come with a whole new interface and exciting new features 🙂 Let’s explore what’s new in MProfit: 1. An Intuitive Visual Experience Explore a new, engaging interface […]

28 September, 2023
The Art of Mutual Fund Distribution: Insights from an Expert

Introduction In today’s dynamic financial landscape, mutual funds have emerged as a popular investment tool for individuals and families looking to grow their wealth. To gain deeper insights into the field of mutual fund distribution, we had the privilege of speaking with Shankar Bhatt, the Founder and CFP of Credo Capital. With 16 years of […]

19 June, 2023
Customer in the spotlight: Kanwardeep Singh

Meet Kanwardeep Singh, a savvy investor from Mumbai who has been reaping the benefits of investing for several years. Over the years, Kanwardeep has generated excellent returns, with a portfolio focused on equity mutual funds. In this post, we take a closer look at his investment journey and how MProfit has helped him to track […]

6 April, 2023
Capital Gains Calculations simplified with MProfit

If you are looking for the most accurate and easy way to calculate your capital gains, you have come to the right place. If you invest in stocks, traded bonds or equity/debt mutual funds, you likely need to calculate capital gains for your intra-day, short-term and long-term investments. MProfit helps make this calculation process effortless […]

6 March, 2017
February Newsletter

MProfit wishes you a prosperous 2017! 2016 has been quite a year to remember not because of the US elections, but because of what else happened that day… the demonetization of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 rupee notes. Within hours of the announcement Prime Minister made it impossible to use large notes. It was […]

10 February, 2017
Capital Gain Calculations for Mutual Funds

MProfit generates separate capital gains reports for Equity MFs and Debt MFs because taxation rules vary for each type. You can also generate two separate reports with indexation and without indexation for Debt MFs (Liquid funds, Income funds, FMPs and Gold ETFs). We give a quick overview of how MProfit handles these calculations and how […]

25 January, 2017
Capital Gain Calculations for Stocks

MProfit automatically creates capital gains reports after users import digital contract notes of stocks or manually enter buy/sell transactions. These include Intra-day Profit/Loss, Short Term Capital Gains and Long Term Capital Gains reports. Advanced reports showing unrealised capital gains as well as the holding periods for stocks are also available in MProfit and they help […]

16 January, 2017
New update for MProfit

Today, we released an update to v9.4 of MProfit. The version is still 9.4 but the build number is 1013.042: New Features and Reports Family-wise global transaction report Option to print or save capital gain calculations of all families under one report New closing balance detailed report with ISIN number for better analysis using Excel […]

3 May, 2016
Another Change to Contract Notes

SEBI has been very busy over the past year changing the formats of the contract notes that clients receive when they trade on the equity and commodity exchanges. Last year, they introduced a Common Contract Note format that many brokers adopted (SEBI circular here). At MProfit we changed hundreds of formats and can now import […]

16 July, 2015
New version 9.4 released…

We have just released the latest version of MProfit and as usual has many new features that were requested by our users. Some of the new features: – Undo last import – many times people want to delete the last imported transactions – Bulk corporate actions – dividend, bonus, split and merger can be applied […]

30 July, 2014
Advisor and Investor 9.0 released

Happy New Years! If you have noticed we have been quite silent on this blog over the past 5-6 months, mainly because the entire team was working towards a very busy 2012. At MProfit we started 2012 with a bang, with the launch of latest version of MProfit Investor (v9.0). But in even bigger news […]

2 January, 2012
PPF Calculator

Investment in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) with discipline and systematically can lead to a sizable retirement corpus. We have created a calculator that will tell you how much your corpus would be at the end of 15 years, 20 years or 25 years. Click to download the PPF Excel calculator. Features of PPF investments include: […]

7 March, 2011
Managing PPF/EPF Investments

With MProfit you can easily manage your PPF (public provident fund) and EPF (employee provident fund) investments. Below is a quick introduction of how to enter your PPF/EPFs and the type of reports you can generate with it. We show you an existing PPF, how to enter a new PPF and reports you can create […]

21 February, 2011
Managing your ULIPs and Insurance

MProfit has made the process of managing your ULIPs (unit linked insurance plans) and insurance policies easier.  Once you have decided which products to buy then you can easily enter in the details in MProfit and start tracking your investments. Below is a quick introduction of how to enter your ULIPs and the type of […]

15 February, 2011
Getting Your Mutual Fund Information

Many mutual fund investors face a common problem which is getting a summary of all their mutual fund investments.  Since each mutual fund house will send their own report it is up to the investor to summarize the data. Luckily, the two major mutual fund registrars – CAMS and Karvy provide a facility to allow […]

4 October, 2010
Overview of Reports

We have updated our Reporting Overview video to reflect the new reports and the changes to some existing reports. MProfit has 5 main categories for reports: Analytical, Transaction, Capital Gains, Accounts and Miscellaneous. We could tell you more, but it’s probably better if you just watch the YouTube clip below:

13 May, 2010
Reporting Capabilities

One the biggest benefits of using MProfit is our reporting capabilities. You may find other services available on the internet but most cannot compete with it comes to reporting. We provide over 45 types of reports and are adding new ones based on customer feedback. We have 5 main categories for reports: Analytical, Transaction, Capital Gains, Accounts and Miscellaneous. We […]

24 February, 2010
Managing your Mutual Funds

A continuing series that describes how MProfit handles specific asset classes and how you can benefit from it. There are many product that manage Mutual Funds, but none are as powerful as MProfit. Whether you have equity or debt mutual funds…we can manage it. You can choose from the 1000s of mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds […]

2 February, 2010
Asset Class: Bond’s

A continuing series that describes how MProfit handles specific asset classes and how you can benefit from it. The current and maturity values for bonds are calculated based on the interest rate, frequency of interest payout and cumulative or payout option. The current and maturity values of remaining bonds will be adjusted when you sell […]

11 January, 2010
Asset Class: Fixed Deposit’s

A continuing series that describes how MProfit handles specific asset classes and how you can benefit from it. The current value and maturity value of bank fixed deposit’s (FDs) are calculated based on the interest rate, frequency of interest payout and cumulative or payout option. MProfit has provided the option to enter transactions for partial […]

15 December, 2009
Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) and Pension Plans

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are very complex products from the data management perspective. There are more than 25 insurance companies and each has many ULIP products and each ULIP product has 4 to 8 associated funds. ULIP holder can switch between the funds and the units are reduced to recover the mortality charges and […]

25 September, 2009
Adding Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in MProfit

You can add all Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in MProfit. ETFs fall under the category of Mutual Funds. A Mutual Fund/ETF scheme is classified as an equity-oriented scheme if it has holdings in the equity of domestic companies, amounting to 65 per cent or more, on an average, during the year. A scheme that does […]

17 August, 2009
Comparing Portfolio Values for Different Periods

Many of the users have asked us how they can compare their own individual portfolios as well as family (group) portfolios for different periods. One of the easiest way to do this is to save asset allocation reports for individual portfolios and group portfolios in pdf or excel format, say monthly or quarterly. You can […]

26 July, 2009
Automatic Updates

We have received many queries asking how various updates are provided in MProfit. We provide end of the day closing prices of BSE stocks as well as Mutual Funds NAVs. The prices are updated automatically in MProfit when you start the application. Apart from price updates, we provide following automatic updates through internet. 1) Database […]

23 July, 2009
Adding Bonus, Split, Merger and De-merger Transactions

Double click on any of your stock name and you will see the box containing all the transactions of this stock. On top, right hand side, you will see Other Transactions button. Click on this button and select Bonus, Split, Merger or De-merger action and fill out the details. It should be noted that purchase […]

15 June, 2009
Adding SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Transactions for Mutual Funds

This feature has been removed, you can now download all your transactions via the CAS PDF file:   Right click on the MF icon on the left hand side of the summary screen or Right click on the Buy/Sell button on the right hand side of the summary screen. Select Generate SIP Entries. You […]

5 June, 2009