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Decoding the Mutual Fund Factsheet

The Mutual Fund Factsheet houses crucial details about the scheme, encompassing its objectives, portfolio, risks, returns, & more. In this blog, we delve into the key indicators in the MF Factsheet that shed insights on equity and related MF schemes. The Mutual Fund Factsheet includes quantitative parameters that provide statistical insights into a mutual fund’s […]

14 December, 2023
Active vs Passive Funds: Explained!

In the world of investing, there has been a massive shift in recent years towards passive mutual fund strategies, specifically index funds. With the growth of the internet and ease of access to financial education, more investors are becoming aware of the advantages of low-cost, diversified investing. Active vs. Passive Funds First, let’s differentiate between […]

14 April, 2023
How MProfit keeps you updated with changing taxation guidelines

As per the new Finance Bill, it seems that Taxation rules for Mutual Funds might be changing in the near future. It seems that starting 1st April 2023, gains on Debt Mutual Funds might no longer receive a long term benefit with indexation, and they’ll be taxe as per one’s income tax slab rate. If […]

30 March, 2023
Customer in the spotlight: Pratik Mukasdar

Introducing Pratik Mukasdar: A seasoned stockbroker & Mutual Fund distributor using MProfit to manage client portfolios With over 5 years of experience in the financial industry, Pratik Mukasdar of RNL Investment Partners has been dedicated to helping families achieve their financial goals. As a mutual fund distributor and stockbroker, he manages a portfolio of over […]

16 February, 2023
MProfit Reports on Mobile in Excel and PDF format

We are very excited to inform you that we have now added a cool new feature in the MProfit mobile app: MProfit Reports on Mobile in Excel and PDF format! Now you can view, download and share portfolio reports in the MProfit Android / iOS mobile app. Depending on the MProfit plan that you have opted for, […]

28 October, 2021
Protect your family wealth in volatile markets

Markets today can be volatile and in such times, you need to protect & preserve your family wealth. As an informed investor, you should choose a portfolio tracker that aggregates all your investments in a single place and truly provides complete visibility into portfolio performance! Below are 8 REASONS why MProfit is the best portfolio tracker available to […]

12 August, 2021
MProfit testimonial from Vijay Thakkar of ValueArk Capital

At MProfit, customer satisfaction has always been a priority for us. And words of appreciation from our customers motivate us to serve them better! Vijay Thakkar, CEO & Co-founder of ValueArk Capital explains why he loves MProfit. Read the full review above.

29 July, 2021
Capital Gains automated with MProfit

One of the biggest administrative challenges for investors each year is the process of accurately computing & verifying their Capital Gains for tax-filing purposes. This can often be a tedious and time-consuming process, prone to error. So let’s break it down. What are the key things to keep in mind? You must report Capital Gains […]

1 July, 2021
Key highlights of Budget 2021 for Investors

Union Budget 2021 was presented against the backdrop of an economy limping back to recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. And when it was announced, markets seemed to perceive it as the boldest budget seen in recent years. For one, it involved higher borrowing, which means that the fiscal deficit is estimated to stretch to 9.5% for FY21. It also […]

12 February, 2021
Why reviewing your investments in 2021 will be important

2020 has finally come to a close, a year that will always bring one word to mind: Covid! A majority of us spent this year entirely at home, and this unexpectedly gave us the opportunity to reflect on the key elements of our lives: work, relationships and hobbies. Among other things, 2020 has also taught […]

15 January, 2021
Why is Asset Allocation important?

The year 2020 is nearly coming to a close. As volatile as this year has been, markets are currently sitting at all-time highs and yet, giving little indication of where they are headed from here. Consequently, the importance of asset allocation will now be more crucial than ever to prepare investors for all future market […]

15 December, 2020
Auto-import your Angel Broking data to MProfit

One of the largest retail broking houses in India in terms of active clients on NSE, Angel Broking is a technology-led financial services company with over two decades of experience in the industry. If you are an Angel Broking client, you can auto-import your Angel Broking data to MProfit, and track your live investment portfolios. […]

27 November, 2020
How MProfit makes portfolio management easy for Upstox clients

Backed by Tiger Global and Ratan Tata, Upstox is a trading platform operated by RKSV, a fast growing discount brokerage house that has established itself as a leader in the Indian brokerage industry. If you are an Upstox client, you can seamlessly import your Upstox transaction files to MProfit, and track your live Stock and […]

13 November, 2020
Capital Gains made simple with MProfit

Every year, regardless of how markets move, investors are faced with one constant challenge: The complex task of accurately computing Capital Gains This can often be a tedious and time-consuming process, prone to error. So let’s break it down. What are the key things you need to know? You must report Capital Gains on every […]

15 October, 2020
MProfit Capital Gain reports now also in ClearTax and Winman formats

As the tax-filing deadline for FY 19-20 has been extended till November, you are probably on the lookout for an accurate tool to compute your capital gains and file your tax returns. With MProfit, you can get your Capital Gain reports in Income Tax Return formats. We have recently also added reports in ClearTax and Winman tax software formats. Click here to sign up […]

18 September, 2020
Seamlessly import data from ICICIDirect to MProfit

One of India’s largest retail brokers & distributors, ICICI Securities offers a variety of financial products to investors across India. If you trade with ICICI Securities, you can seamlessly import your ICICIDirect transactions to MProfit,and track your live Stock and F&O portfolios. First, you can import your historical ICICIDirect trade data. This is very important […]

8 September, 2020
F&O module now live on MProfit Cloud

Hello! We hope you have been using the new MProfit Cloud app for managing Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds & many other assets. Today, we have another big update for you: Our new Futures & Options module is live on MProfit Cloud with built-in intelligence for auto-mapping of F&O instruments.  You can now seamlessly manage your F&O positions across Stocks, Currency and […]

20 August, 2020
Importing your Zerodha trade data to MProfit

As India’s largest broker with 3 million+ clients, Zerodha needs no introduction. MProfit makes it very simple for Zerodha clients to import their Zerodha trade data to track their live portfolio. First, you can import your historical Zerodha trade data. This is very important to ensure that you get accurate Capital Gain and XIRR reporting […]

7 August, 2020
Five reasons to get the new MProfit Cloud

1. All asset classes in one place Manage investments in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, PMS, Fixed Deposits, AIF, Insurance & many other asset classes. 2. Complete access on Web and Mobile Manage your MProfit portfolios on-the-go on Windows, Mac & Mobile devices with our new web app and mobile apps for Android/iOS mobile & tablet devices. 3. Auto-import data from […]

16 July, 2020
The new MProfit Cloud launched today!

We have just launched the new MProfit for Web and Mobile in Beta mode. Sign up now at Now, for the first time, you can manage & track all your investments completely on Web, Android and iOS devices. You do not need to download MProfit’s desktop app any longer. With the new MProfit, you […]

18 March, 2020
MProfit at the NetworkFP Exposition

MProfit was present at the NetworkFP Exposition last week at the Lalit Hotel in Mumbai, and we received a fantastic response from the IFA community from all over India. Huge thanks to all those who visited our booth to learn more about our solutions as well as several of our longtime advisor clients who stopped […]

12 February, 2020
Import your data to MProfit from 700+ brokers, banks & other institutions

At MProfit, we have always worked hard to address data aggregation challenges facing Indian investors today. We strive to eliminate the need for unreliable tools & cumbersome spreadsheets that investors often use for manual entry & analysis of data. To this end, we are happy to announce that MProfit today supports import of statements from […]

11 December, 2019
What customers say about MProfit’s capital gains functionality

The introduction of the LTCG Grandfathering Clause means that the computation of capital gains for Indian investors today has become an increasingly complex task. In addition to accounting for all kinds of corporate actions, investors need to ensure that they have computed the right Cost of Acquisition for each security in their portfolio in accordance […]

19 November, 2019
Manage your investments on Desktop, Web and Mobile with MProfit

Financial markets today are more complex and unpredictable than ever. There is a lingering lack of transparency in markets crowded with a large number of financial products, coupled with structural changes in the Indian economy, liquidity crises in credit markets and disruptive trade wars in an interconnected global ecosystem. Amid the chaos, Indian investors can find it incredibly daunting to gain absolute visibility and […]

11 October, 2019
Capital Gains simplified with MProfit

Every year, regardless of whether markets perform or not, investors often find themselves scrambling to compute and report capital gains accurately and on-time. One thing we can all agree on is how enormously tedious this process can be. So let’s break it down. What are the key things you need to keep in mind? You […]

26 August, 2019