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Manage your investments on Desktop, Web and Mobile with MProfit

Financial markets today are more complex and unpredictable than ever.

There is a lingering lack of transparency in markets crowded with a large number of financial products, coupled with structural changes in the Indian economy, liquidity crises in credit markets and disruptive trade wars in an interconnected global ecosystem.

Amid the chaos, Indian investors can find it incredibly daunting to gain absolute visibility and transparency to their investment portfolios

How do I aggregate my investment data from various sources?
How are my investments performing?
What is my asset allocation?

These are questions Indian investors, and in turn financial advisors, need to be seeking answers to, to truly differentiate themselves and adopt a data-driven approach in making sound investment decisions.

Enter MProfit, your one-stop tool to taking full control over your investments across all major asset classes.

With MProfit, you can manage your investment portfolios comprising Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, F&O and other asset classes. No need to compartmentalize your data by using multiple apps or cumbersome spreadsheets to track investments anymore! Just using MProfit should do the job.

MProfit makes life super easy for you, by allowing you to seamlessly import your trade data from 3500+ file formats across 700+ brokers & 60+ Indian banks.

Various MProfit reports ranging from Capital Gains to Annualised Returns & Asset Allocation help you make sound investment decisions.

To get started with MProfit, download and install the latest version of MProfit for free on a Windows computer by clicking here.

Next, import your portfolio data from any of 3500+ supported file formats and start tracking your investments immediately with MProfit.

MProfit Cloud on Web and Mobile

Over the last year, we have been working on launching a Cloud enabled version of MProfit that allows you to manage your portfolios on Web & Mobile.

We launched MProfit Cloud a few months ago, that lets you sync your MProfit desktop data to our new Web and Mobile (Android & iOS) Applications.

What’s new in MProfit Cloud?

  • You can¬†track your portfolios¬†on Web, Mobile or Tablet¬†devices
  • A¬†new MProfit mobile app¬†is available on Android & iOS devices for MProfit¬†customers and¬†free users
  • You get¬†1 free login on¬†Web and Mobile, and you can also buy Add-on Cloud logins¬†if required
  • A new¬†web-based¬†Dashboard¬†provides you with detailed asset allocation insights
  • You have access to¬†improved¬†reports, exportable to Excel and PDF
  • Your Advisor can share portfolios with you directly¬†in MProfit Cloud so that you can directly track your live portfolios and¬†view¬†Capital Gains, Annualised Returns and other reports.

Exciting new updates will be coming to MProfit Cloud in coming months. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, give us a call at (022) 4002 4149 during our business hours or email us at and we’ll respond to you shortly.

11 October, 2019