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What customers say about MProfit’s capital gains functionality

The introduction of the LTCG Grandfathering Clause means that the computation of capital gains for Indian investors today has become an increasingly complex task. In addition to accounting for all kinds of corporate actions, investors need to ensure that they have computed the right Cost of Acquisition for each security in their portfolio in accordance with the Grandfathering Clause. To learn more about LTCG Grandfathering, click here.

A key significance of MProfit lies in its ability to accurately compute capital gains for Indian investors, in compliance with the latest Income Tax regulation. Many leading CA firms using MProfit to compute accurate capital gains for their clients validate MProfit’s position as a leading capital gains solution in the Indian market.

This relevance has been summed up very aptly by an MProfit client, Bosco Menezes, who has reiterated the need for fellow investors to use MProfit for capital gains. Read Bosco’s review below:

I used to do my capital gains calculations in Excel, and it used to take a long time to compile the same. When LTCG was re-introduced with the grandfathering clause, I knew this exercise was going to get much more tedious & difficult.

So I decided to try out MProfit, which I had heard good things about over the years. I downloaded the trial software & was happy to note that the software worked excellently. My occasional service requests too were responded to very quickly – even when I was using the trial software!  So I had no hesitation in purchasing the license thereafter. Would recommend MProfit without hesitation to fellow investors.

Click this link to learn how MProfit simplifies the computation of Capital Gains for Stocks, Mutual Funds and Traded Bonds.

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19 November, 2019