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MProfit Capital Gain reports now also in ClearTax and Winman formats

As the tax-filing deadline for FY 19-20 has been extended till November, you are probably on the lookout for an accurate tool to compute your capital gains and file your tax returns.

With MProfit, you can get your Capital Gain reports in Income Tax Return formats. We have recently also added reports in ClearTax and Winman tax software formats.

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Why is MProfit a must-have for Capital Gain computation?

  • MProfit provides summary and detailed capital gain reports with¬†long-term, short-term and intra-day¬†classification.
  • MProfit computes accurate capital gains¬†for all your¬†Stock, Mutual Fund¬†(Equity & Debt), Traded Bond¬†and Gold Bond¬†investments.
  • You can get capital gain¬†reports in a¬†standard¬†Income-Tax-Return (ITR)¬†format.
  • In MProfit, you can also download capital gain¬†reports in¬†ClearTax and Winman software formats.
  • MProfit capital gains for Stocks and Equity Mutual Funds are available¬†with¬†LTCG Grandfathering. All necessary¬†details including¬†FMV¬†Price & Value (as on 31st January 2018) for each asset are available in MProfit reports.
  • MProfit¬†accurately accounts for¬†corporate action entries such as Bonus, Split, Merger and Demerger¬†while computing capital gains,¬†as per Income Tax regulation.
  • MProfit capital gains for Debt Mutual Funds, Traded Bonds and Gold Bonds are available with/without¬†Indexation¬†as per India‚Äôs Cost Inflation Index (CII).
  • Capital Gain reports in MProfit include¬†ISIN details for all your assets.

Get started with MProfit today, import your investment transactions and generate your Capital Gain reports so that you can seamlessly file your tax returns.

18 September, 2020