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Protect your family wealth in volatile markets

Markets today can be volatile and in such times, you need to protect & preserve your family wealth.

As an informed investor, you should choose a portfolio tracker that aggregates all your investments in a single place and truly provides complete visibility into portfolio performance!

Below are 8 REASONS why MProfit is the best portfolio tracker available to Indian investors today:

1. All asset classes in one place

With MProfit, you can track investments across Stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds, Bonds, FDs, PMS, AIF, NPS and other asset classes.

2. Track investments for your entire family

Maintain your family’s investments in PAN-wise / broker-wise portfolios and get a consolidated view of your family assets in one place!

3. Transaction-level reporting, not just holding snapshots!

Unlike trackers that only import holding details, MProfit accurately captures transaction details for all your investments! This enables MProfit to provide reporting that is far more insightful (for example: XIRR).

4. Auto-import data from 700+ institutions

You can directly import your Stock contract notes, Mutual Fund CAS from CAMS / NSDL, NPS statements & other files to MProfit. Say good-bye to manual record-keeping forever!

5. Track portfolio performance in detail

With MProfit, you can track absolute gain & annualised return (XIRR) for any asset, asset class, portfolio or group of portfolios. XIRR is an extremely essential performance metric that you should be tracking in your portfolio!

6. Capital Gains in Income Tax Return format

MProfit provides ready-made capital gain reports compliant with the latest IT guidelines! You can also download your capital gains in formats accepted by tax-filing solutions like ClearTax, Winman, Spectrum & more.

7. Useful insights & reports

With MProfit, you can view dashboards & reports that give you asset allocation, historical valuation and many other insights! MProfit also provides corporate action details & ratios for Stocks in your portfolios.

8. Complete access on-the-go

Lastly but most importantly, you can track your MProfit portfolios on any PC, mobile or tablet device! MProfit’s mobile apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Manage your portfolios the smart way to simplify your investing & protect your wealth!

Sign up and start using MProfit by clicking the link below:
12 August, 2021