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Importing your Zerodha trade data to MProfit

As India’s largest broker with 3 million+ clients, Zerodha needs no introduction.

MProfit makes it very simple for Zerodha clients to import their Zerodha trade data to track their live portfolio.

First, you can import your historical Zerodha trade data. This is very important to ensure that you get accurate Capital Gain and XIRR reporting in MProfit.

Once your historical data is updated in MProfit, you can seamlessly set up auto-import in MProfit for your daily Zerodha email contract note file, so that your daily transaction data (with STT and charges) is auto-updated in MProfit on a daily basis.

With MProfit’s auto-import feature, Zerodha clients can seamlessly track their live stock portfolios, and subsequently get accurate Capital Gain (with LTCG Grandfathering!) and XIRR reporting.

Click this link for a step-wise guide to import your Zerodha stocks data to MProfit.

7 August, 2020