Press Release – MProfit Launches version 4.03 of its Desktop Application

Press Release

MProfit Launches version 4.03 of its Desktop Application

MProfit is an easy to use personal desktop Portfolio Management Software for Indian retail investors and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). It allows you to take control of your investments such as stocks, MFs, ULIPs, insurance policies, property, gold and many other asset classes. And does it securely, since all your personal data is saved locally on your computer.

MUMBAI, INDIA — 01:30 PM IST (08:00 AM GMT), January 4, 2010. MProfit, a personal portfolio management software company, today released version 4.03. In the latest release, MProfit has implemented several new features such as an income module, reports relating to annualised returns (XIRR) and group holdings reports.

With the new income module, customers can track income received from their investments such as dividend reinvestments from stocks or mutual funds. rental income from a property, bonuses from insurance plans or income from other asset classes.

With the new annualized returns (technically known as XIRR) reports, customers can see how specific investments are performing.  In addition, by highlighting a specific area of the summary screen MProfit provides instant balloon notification of Annualised Returns (XIRR) for a single asset, an asset category or all assets for an individual portfolio or group portfolio.

“MProfit is constantly listening to customer requests and making our product better. The latest version proves it, since all the features added came from customer feature requests” said Manish Jain, VP of Business Development.

Prospective customers can visit MProfit online at to learn more or download a product brochure from


MProfit was founded by several experts in the field of investment and technology and focused on products for the Indian consumer. The founders have a long and outstanding track record of building and running software companies for more than 15 years. MProfit is based in Nariman Point the financial district of Mumbai, India.


Manish Jain, VP Business Development, MProfit.