Automatic Updates

We have received many queries asking how various updates are provided in MProfit. We provide end of the day closing prices of BSE stocks as well as Mutual Funds NAVs. The prices are updated automatically in MProfit when you start the application. Apart from price updates, we provide following automatic updates through internet. 1) Database […]

23 July, 2009
MProfit Software Update – Version 2.42 released

Following features have been added in this new version 2.42. Addition of Bonus Units in Mutual Fund (Value for such bonus units is zero) Support for adding multiple Buy and Sell transactions in one Contract Note form Support for Internet Proxy Settings (helpful in corporate office networks) Apart from addition of above mentioned features, this […]

17 July, 2009
Adding Bonus, Split, Merger and De-merger Transactions

Double click on any of your stock name and you will see the box containing all the transactions of this stock. On top, right hand side, you will see Other Transactions button. Click on this button and select Bonus, Split, Merger or De-merger action and fill out the details. It should be noted that purchase […]

15 June, 2009
Adding SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Transactions for Mutual Funds

This feature has been removed, you can now download all your transactions via the CAS PDF file:   Right click on the MF icon on the left hand side of the summary screen or Right click on the Buy/Sell button on the right hand side of the summary screen. Select Generate SIP Entries. You […]

5 June, 2009
Software Update – Version 2.30 released

This version fixes some of the minor bugs in the application. The previous version users will get the message about the availability of new version 2.30. You need to accept and allow the installation to enjoy the full benefits of MProfit. When you accept it, it will be downloaded and installed on your PC. Please […]

24 May, 2009
More About Pre-Release Version

This is a pre-release (beta) version and fully functional. You can use this version without any charge up to 31-Jul-2009. You will be able to use the same data, when we launch the commercial version. I hope that it will be very useful for everyone for calculating capital gains calculations for the financial year ending […]

2 May, 2009
MProfit – Desktop Portfolio Management Software – Pre-Release Version Launched

MProfit – Desktop Portfolio Management Software is ready and available for download. This is a pre-release (Beta) version and fully functional. It is free up to 31-Jul-2009.

27 April, 2009