Key highlights of Budget 2021 for Investors

Union Budget 2021 was presented against the backdrop of an economy limping back to recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. And when it was announced, markets seemed to perceive it as the boldest budget seen in recent years. For one, it involved higher borrowing, which means that the fiscal deficit is estimated to stretch to 9.5% for FY21. It also […]

12 February, 2021
5 golden rules of investing you never knew

Learning how to invest may seem daunting at first. Many young working professionals who have just begun their careers may find it difficult to begin investing because of a lack of financial literacy. Financial literacy comes with time and discipline. Here’s five basic rules that one must always keep in mind, before starting out as […]

9 February, 2021
Why is investing important?

Why do you put in hard work to earn money? A very simple question with a very simple answer – to fulfill your and your family’s financial needs. However, just earning money does not ensure that your financial goals would be met. For that, you need a corpus and this corpus can be accumulated if […]

1 February, 2021
Why reviewing your investments in 2021 will be important

2020 has finally come to a close, a year that will always bring one word to mind: Covid! A majority of us spent this year entirely at home, and this unexpectedly gave us the opportunity to reflect on the key elements of our lives: work, relationships and hobbies. Among other things, 2020 has also taught […]

15 January, 2021
Why is Asset Allocation important?

The year 2020 is nearly coming to a close. As volatile as this year has been, markets are currently sitting at all-time highs and yet, giving little indication of where they are headed from here. Consequently, the importance of asset allocation will now be more crucial than ever to prepare investors for all future market […]

15 December, 2020
Auto-import your Angel Broking data to MProfit

One of the largest retail broking houses in India in terms of active clients on NSE, Angel Broking is a technology-led financial services company with over two decades of experience in the industry. If you are an Angel Broking client, you can auto-import your Angel Broking data to MProfit, and track your live investment portfolios. […]

27 November, 2020
How MProfit makes portfolio management easy for Upstox clients

Backed by Tiger Global and Ratan Tata, Upstox is a trading platform operated by RKSV, a fast growing discount brokerage house that has established itself as a leader in the Indian brokerage industry. If you are an Upstox client, you can seamlessly import your Upstox transaction files to MProfit, and track your live Stock and […]

13 November, 2020
Capital Gains made simple with MProfit

Every year, regardless of how markets move, investors are faced with one constant challenge: The complex task of accurately computing Capital Gains This can often be a tedious and time-consuming process, prone to error. So let’s break it down. What are the key things you need to know? You must report Capital Gains on every […]

15 October, 2020
MProfit Capital Gain reports now also in ClearTax and Winman formats

As the tax-filing deadline for FY 19-20 has been extended till November, you are probably on the lookout for an accurate tool to compute your capital gains and file your tax returns. With MProfit, you can get your Capital Gain reports in Income Tax Return formats. We have recently also added reports in ClearTax and Winman tax software formats. Click here to sign up […]

18 September, 2020
Seamlessly import data from ICICIDirect to MProfit

One of India’s largest retail brokers & distributors, ICICI Securities offers a variety of financial products to investors across India. If you trade with ICICI Securities, you can seamlessly import your ICICIDirect transactions to MProfit,and track your live Stock and F&O portfolios. First, you can import your historical ICICIDirect trade data. This is very important […]

8 September, 2020