Advisor and Investor 9.0 released

Happy New Years! If you have noticed we have been quite silent on this blog over the past 5-6 months, mainly because the entire team was working towards a very busy 2012. At MProfit we started 2012 with a bang, with the launch of latest version of MProfit Investor (v9.0). But in even bigger news […]

2 January, 2012
MProfit v5.5 launched

The latest version 5.5 is available now!  Below are a couple highlights of this release: 1. Updated XIRR Report: Income column now includes only Income received as Pay-out. All dividend reinvestment and cumulative income are added in Current Value. 2. Import – We have added many more brokers to allow importing of contract notes from […]

26 July, 2011
MProfit talks at RupeeCamp

Over the weekend, the first RupeeCamp was held in Mumbai and led by it’s organizer Ranjan Varma.  So what is RupeeCamp? According to the website “RupeeCamp is a structured program on personal finance where you will learn all the money skills you require. RupeeCamp is for young professionals who need cost effective, independent advice on managing […]

11 April, 2011
MProfit v5.4 launched

The latest version 5.4 is available now!  Below are 4 highlights of this release: 1. As the financial year of 2010-11 has been closed, we have improved the Capital Gain Summary Report based on requests from many users. The report now includes period-wise capital gains as required when filing your tax return. The period includes […]

31 March, 2011
Planning to Buy Mutual Funds?

If you are looking to have some exposure to the equity markets then investing in mutual funds is a good first step. At MProfit we receive many queries from first time investors and one question that is asked often is “How do I buy mutual funds?” There are two broad categories for buying mutual funds: […]

14 March, 2011
PPF Calculator

Investment in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) with discipline and systematically can lead to a sizable retirement corpus. We have created a calculator that will tell you how much your corpus would be at the end of 15 years, 20 years or 25 years. Click to download the PPF Excel calculator. Features of PPF investments include: […]

7 March, 2011
Managing PPF/EPF Investments

With MProfit you can easily manage your PPF (public provident fund) and EPF (employee provident fund) investments. Below is a quick introduction of how to enter your PPF/EPFs and the type of reports you can generate with it. We show you an existing PPF, how to enter a new PPF and reports you can create […]

21 February, 2011
Managing your ULIPs and Insurance

MProfit has made the process of managing your ULIPs (unit linked insurance plans) and insurance policies easier.  Once you have decided which products to buy then you can easily enter in the details in MProfit and start tracking your investments. Below is a quick introduction of how to enter your ULIPs and the type of […]

15 February, 2011
MProfit v5.3 update available

Today, we are pleased to announce our latest v5.3 release. 1. One of the most requested features is the addition of 15 minute delayed prices during market hours. MProfit will automatically refresh the prices every 5 minutes. 2. Quick Reports – We have added the Group Holding Stocks report, to show which portfolios contain which […]

10 February, 2011
MProfit v5.2 update available

We are pleased to announce our latest release v5.2. It contains several new reports, our new Quick Reports feature and many new import options. 1. Trading Profit/Loss Reports – Trading summary and detailed reports useful for investors who track their profit/loss on their trading activities in stocks based on average purchase price. The calculations would […]

5 January, 2011