MProfit Software Update – Version 3.16 released

We are happy to announce the availability of the new version 3.16 of MProfit – Desktop Portfolio Management Software. Following features/functionalities have been added in this version. Portfolio Summary Reports of Individual and Group portfolios are added in Analytical Reports, which can be saved and printed. These reports can also be customised for printing of […]

22 September, 2009
Payment Gateway Integration

After the successful launch of our commercial version 3.0, we are happy to announce the integration with Online Payment Gateway offered by one of the leading Indian company CCAvenue.  CCAvenue offers secure online payment gateway. The users can now purchase online one year subscription plan from our site After the payment is authorised, the […]

3 September, 2009
MProfit Software – Commercial Version 3.0 Released

The wait is finally over. We are happy to announce the availability of the commercial version 3.0 of MProfit Software. We sincerely appreciate the patience and support of all the users who have downloaded and used the pre-release version. This is a 30 days trial version. Following features/functionalities have been added in this version. Right […]

29 August, 2009
Adding Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in MProfit

You can add all Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in MProfit. ETFs fall under the category of Mutual Funds. A Mutual Fund/ETF scheme is classified as an equity-oriented scheme if it has holdings in the equity of domestic companies, amounting to 65 per cent or more, on an average, during the year. A scheme that does […]

17 August, 2009
MProfit Software Update – Version 2.48 released

We are happy to announce the availability of new software update ver 2.48 for MProfit Software. Following features have been added in this new version 2.48 Generation of  SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) entries for Mutual Funds (MFs) Addition of Folio Numbers for MFs Addition of Lock-In Period and reminder alert for MFs (very useful for […]

14 August, 2009
Price Announcement and Extention of Validity of Pre-release Version

We have received an overwhelming response from many users around the country including smaller cities and towns. The MProfit team feels highly motivated and obliged by the encouraging response. We have finalised the pricing of MProfit and have also extended the validity of the free pre-release version up to 31-Aug-2009. Users of previous versions will […]

26 July, 2009
Comparing Portfolio Values for Different Periods

Many of the users have asked us how they can compare their own individual portfolios as well as family (group) portfolios for different periods. One of the easiest way to do this is to save asset allocation reports for individual portfolios and group portfolios in pdf or excel format, say monthly or quarterly. You can […]

26 July, 2009
MProfit Software Update – Version 2.43 released

In this version, the validity of previous free pre-release version has been extended up to 31-Aug-2009. The previous version users will get the message about the availability of new version 2.43. You need to accept and allow the installation to enjoy the full benefits of MProfit. When you accept it, it will be downloaded and […]

23 July, 2009
Automatic Updates

We have received many queries asking how various updates are provided in MProfit. We provide end of the day closing prices of BSE stocks as well as Mutual Funds NAVs. The prices are updated automatically in MProfit when you start the application. Apart from price updates, we provide following automatic updates through internet. 1) Database […]

23 July, 2009
MProfit Software Update – Version 2.42 released

Following features have been added in this new version 2.42. Addition of Bonus Units in Mutual Fund (Value for such bonus units is zero) Support for adding multiple Buy and Sell transactions in one Contract Note form Support for Internet Proxy Settings (helpful in corporate office networks) Apart from addition of above mentioned features, this […]

17 July, 2009